I agree with what you said about eric being really close to doug and perhaps even more than tim... it makes me sad... it's probably because tim doesn't have much time to hang out like they used to with the wife and all, and he seems to like doing more solo stuff while eric on the other hand is single and seems to like doing more collaborations with people... i dunno... but it makes me sad ;_;


omg it totally makes me sad too! THEY’RE EVEN IN A DODGEBALL TEAM TOGETHER. things have changed a lot since college. you picture them hanging out all time like in awesome show, but it just isn’t the case :’(. and it seems like eric has more in common with doug than tim. but i remember that in sound of young america the  host asked them how they don’t get sick of each other and they said that they have to have time apart when they’re not working, so maybe it’s for the best. they joked in comedy bang bang about not being allowed to see each other in the weekend but it’s actually kind of true lol.

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